Wednesday Reads

I just read two books that had in tears, enraged, and thoroughly engrossed. I forgot I was pool side in Las Vegas until someone asked me if I wanted a Pina Colada. What is a bartender in a bikini doing in a high school?! I briefly wondered.

Thanks to Edelweiss, Little Brown Books for Young Readers, and Egmont USA, I read these following stunning novels:

reality Reality Boy is another heartbreaking, hopeful story by AS King and I will be reviewing this in October, as was the agreement I made with Little Brown when I was given the eBook. Just pre-order it now. Save yourself time.




scarThe Scar Boys by Len Vlahos will not be out until January 2014, so I must refrain from reviewing until late-December. But I will say this: if there is a young man in your life who needs confidence, this is a great story to lend him a little.




nailAnd I am still reading Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lake. It’s my lunchtime read, so I get through a couple pages every day. What can I say, I have interesting coworkers (and Instagram,myfitnesspal, and word searches) who deserve my attention!

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