Wednesday reads: words & water

Today’s “Wednesday Reads” brought to you by the letter W. Water, words, and more words. Oh, and murder. Yeah, each of these books sees someone die in a gnarly way. I need a little more light reading in my life…

nailAs I mentioned in my last weekly post of titles I’m working through, I am still reading Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane. But since last Wednesday I have picked up three more of his books. Okay, technically it’s the same book, just in three different formats. The first was on Sunday afternoon when I saw the stage adaptation of Neverwhere at Rorschach Theater of the Atlas Theater in DC. During the intermission I got on my handy dandy little Android phone and put the graphic novel and audiobook on hold at my library.

I went to the play with my sister and her sister-in-law, whose friend from college is the costume designer for the show. I was semi-dragged there. Don’t tell my sister. I wasn’t really interested. I ate my words mere minutes in, y’all. Go see it!!!!!!


The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell. Audiobook. Wow. I have been absolutely blown away by this, and am finding myself obsessed (hmm…interesting word choice) in Odalie’s life and Rose’s next move. And I just read that the film will star Keira Knightly. I LOVE it!





Lexicon by Max Barry has me by the throat. So far it is the perfect combination of murder, pursuit, passion, and intellectual intrigue. Max Barry hasn’t failed me.

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