Wednesday reads: short stories and looooooooong stories

This week I am reading short stories and a memoir. And a seriously thick, small font, no pictures non-fiction tome. It’s drought or monsoon with me, folks.

bergThe Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted and other small acts of liberation by Elizabeth Berg is a collection of short stories about women, food, dieting, self esteem, and every other emotion and life struggle that women go through (put themselves through). This book inspired me to stop counting calories, just for a week. I’m currently 5 days in and happier than I have been in a long time. More on this when I review it.

jumpThe Reason I Jump: the inner voice of a thirteen year old boy with autism by Naoki Higashida, translated by KA Yoshida and David Mitchell. A boy with severe autism found a way to communicate, and he hasn’t stopped since. This is being praised as a breakthrough for families learning to communicate with and better understand their autistic children. I do not have an autistic child, but occasionally work with them or meet them…so this was important for me to read. More on this later…

daughter2Daughter of Empire: life as a Mountbatten by Pamela Hicks is the real-life story of a British girl’s experience with the Pakistan Revolution of 1947.  I am reading this after I read a fictional account, so it’s nice to read the true story.


Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink. Still working on this one y’all. It’ll be a while because it is quite crammed with details and accounts and history. But it is fascinating to read how these doctors came up with euthanasia as a way out of the horrible, unsanitary, unsafe situation of being in a hospital without electricity after Hurricane Katrina.

What are you reading? 

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