non-fiction Friday: French Milk by Lucy Knisley


French Milk by Lucy Knisley is a charming graphic memoir about a 20-something’s trip to Paris. On the eve of college graduation, Lucy and her mother embark on a 6-week trip to Paris to take in the sights, smells, tastes, and every other sense. Rough drawings of the foods they eat, sights they see, and art they ponder over are cute enough…but don’t draw the reader into Paris. Which is a shame, because I really wanted to see Paris. To taste it. I understand that the nature of graphic novels/books is that the images give more than the sparse words, but in this case I feel like both were not rich enough. Then again, perhaps because of my own 3-day excursion to Paris, as well as my many readings on the City of Lights, I was unable to dive deep into the black-and-white drawings and quick touches on the Louvre and foods, probably because I already knew what they looked and tasted like, so I wanted description akin to my own knowledge of them.

I also found Lucy’s

Recommended for:
Someone who has not yet been to Paris. This is a good “starter book” because you can read/see smattering of many things without diving into too rich detail, which may leave you confused or overwhelmed.

Bon Appetit! the delicious life of Julia Child by Jessie Hartland has similar simple drawings but so much more is packed into each page.

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