review: The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

dream thievesOh, Maggie. Dearest Maggie (Steve-otter is the correct pronunciation). You have, once again, rocked my world. (This would be a good time to link back to my review of the first book in the Raven Boys trilogy…but alas, I somehow didn’t review it when I read it earlier this year. That really upsets me. What was I doing that I forgot to revi…oh yeah. I read it when I was home sick the week before my wedding. Yeah…some things got away from me. Forgive me.)


(We had post bridal photos taken last month out in Ranson, West Virginia. Our photographer is incredible and I just had to share this since I mentioned my wedding. And also because I love my dress. I sometimes wear it when I vacuum the house.)

Back to the book. (Like we every really got started on it…)

The Dream Thieves picks up where The Raven Boys let off, and it begins quickly. Blue is still trying to figure out what she is doing in life, as are her boys Adam, Ronan, Gansey, and Noah. Unfortunately two new men enter the story – both are dangerous and deadly and mean harm. But they are dynamic and fascinating, and readers (and unfortunately, characters) are drawn to them.

I loved that this book included more of Blue’s family. Her mom and aunts are the perfect characters to counter-balance Blue’s sarcasm.

Then Maura made something with butter and Calla made something with bacon and Blue steamed broccoli in self-defense.


Their presence in the pages gives readers a better understanding of who Blue is. Her mom’s interest in the dangerous Grey Man is intoxicating’y romantic.

She ordered for them. Neither drank any wine. The appetizers were delicious, not because of the kitchen, but because all food eaten in anticipation of a kiss is delicious.

Gansey isn’t the main male attraction in this novel. Instead, another one of the Raven Boys takes center stage, and he really lights up the pages. Getting into his head was thrilling and so, so sad.

If you never saw the stars, candles were enough.

I’ve mentioned before that I typically don’t continue on with trilogies because I tend to be disappointed. But I am oh, so glad I did read this one. I want to drop in on Maggie (she lives in Virginia!) and ask her about the last book. Think she’ll tell me about the third book?

Recommended for: 
You definitely need to read the first book before reading this one. Period. The story totally builds off the one that began with book one. Any girl who reads YA – be it fantasy, contemporary, or dystoia – will enjoy this series.

The Diviners by Libba Bray was similarly humorous and dark.


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