I only read 56 books in 2013

I know most individuals would never be ashamed at a number like that. And it’s not that I’m ashamed, per say…but in 2012 I read 77. Granted, in 2012 I didn’t get married, open a new library, write a column for School Library Journal Teen online, or otherwise stay pretty busy…but I digress. I’m a bit surprised at the low number, but I have the rest of my life to read. And besides, books aren’t going anywhere.*

To see the books I read (more than just what I put on this here blog) check out my LibraryThing account. Where do you log your books?

Other 2013 news, hmm…


Like I said, I got married. This pic was taken as part of our post-bridal shoot which was completely stress-free. Seriously, couples that sneak away to take pics on the wedding day? How stressful must that be?! Post-bridal is totally the way to go. Not to mention, you get to wear your pretty dress again.

I was busy in library land devising and hosting programs; as a member of the 2014 Summer Reading Program committee and the 2013 1Book 1 Community committee; and reading and reviewing books. (Reading and reviewing doesn’t take place during work time because there is never time for that. Despite what my sister thinks. No seriously – she was convinced I was lying to her when I said I didn’t read during work hours. She then became even more impressed that I read 77 books in 2012. HA!)

A couple things I struggled with:
– Honestly, some days I just plum didn’t want to review a book. Not because I was lazy, but because I had other things to do. Dare I say more important? Summer Reading was busy, so my reviews over the summer dropped. The winter months were scarce in terms of number of books read, so I didn’t review much then, either. And I won’t review just for reviewing sake. I need to care – one way or the other. So I just didn’t.
– Did people even care? Were people even reading my blog? Quite a few times I had to remind myself that writing is first a personal thing, a public matter second. If I wasn’t fulfilled personally, how would I fulfill anyone publicly? So I stopped kicking myself in the butt and said, “I care.”

What did you do in 2013? What are you most proud of? What did you struggle with?

*Unless you’re living in Alena Graedon’s world in her 2014 debut novel The Word ExchangeIt’s set in a time when the printed word is completely obsolete and those who want to continue writing words are doomed to an untimely fate. Can April, 2014 arrive NOW so I can get my hands on this?

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