guest review: Mothership by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal

This guest review comes from my colleague in the Teen Center, Devi. She is a voracious reader of all things non-realistic. When we first heard of this book, we mocked it for a solid 5 minutes. Devi decided to give it the benefit of doubt, and took it home with her that night. Here is what she thought of it:


Let me start by saying that I have never had a book surprise me like this one did. When I heard about the plot, my first thought was how bad it sounded. Aliens impregnating teens… really? Well, I’m eating my words now.

Mothership by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal follows Elvie on board a spaceship that houses a school for pregnant teens. Elvie is just sixteen years old, and despite being surrounded by other pregnant teens she still has to deal with high school drama, even in space!  Let’s add an alien attack to that drama and you’ve got quite the story with hormonal girls screaming and crying and trying to stay alive. As it turns out, these so called alien attackers are actually the girls’ rescuers. But wait, one of them is the father of Elvie’s child! That’s right – we’re talking alien babies.  So now, not only does Elvie have to deal with having an alien baby, but she is also the smartest person on the ship and the only one who can really help the other girls and aliens escape. Escape from what, you ask? Oh, just the evil aliens that are trying to take over the ship and kill everyone.

As crazy as all of that might sound, this book is a terrific read. You want action? You’ve got it. Romance? Adventure? Sci-fi? Humor? You’ve got it! I could not put this book down until I was done. It is a quick read, but you will enjoy Elvie’s internal monologue as she switches from the present to her past. You meet her best friend Ducky, her quirky father, and Cole, her baby’s daddy who is also her arch-nemesis’ boyfriend. Elvie is not just your typical female protagonist; she is an intelligent girl who uses her resources and her wit to overcome her obstacles. Plus, her sarcastic outlook on everything really brings the humor to the story. She makes the book fun! You will be chuckling your way through the book, right up to an ending that will shock you into immediately wanting the sequel! In short, this book is so ridiculous, light-hearted, and funny, that you have to read it.

One thought

  1. I really need a light-hearted read right now! All of these serious books are kind of making me crazy (even though I love them). I’ve heard such great things about this one and everyone starts off with the same expression–that this book is just a train wreck! Anyway, I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

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