review: That Part was True by Deborah McKinlay

that partThat Part was True: a novel by Deborah McKinlay is a novel of two middle-aged pen pals whose letters cross the Atlantic Ocean at the most opportune time. Jackson Cooper is a famous author who Eve writes to, thanking him for penning such thrilling novels. He writes back, beginning a non-stop conversation that mostly discusses food and feelings. Even though neither is completely honest with the other, the themes they write of are authentic. Some letters are brief, others no more than a postcard, but the results are life-changing.

Eve’s daughter is engaged, and has asked her estranged father to play a role in her wedding leaving Eve to feel second-best. Jackson has writer’s block and cannot complete his next novel or his most recent relationship. Another disappointed woman, another failed marriage. But their ability to communicate with ease has both wondering if the other is who they are meant to be with.

This is a quick read, and a good one. The character’s self-actualization is important to read, because it proves that men and women – yes, even older ones – can grow. They can become better versions of themselves. They can let go of past hardships and move towards happiness. This novel proves that. It’s fiction, sure, but who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?

White Truffles in Winter by N.M. Kelby, because of the food aspect. Seriously…White Truffles and That Part Was True will make you run for the kitchen to experiment with a new recipe, or tackle something you’ve always wanted to cook.

Recommended for:
Women who feel they are in a rut – personally, romantically, or with their families. This story is of a very weak woman slowing shedding the invisible heavy cloak that some middle-aged women seem to be carrying around their shoulders.

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