Dream Shelf

Some librarians/book lovers have a dream shelf, while others just want more shelves to house all of the books they collect. I subscribe to the dream shelf. I don’t want just any book to sit on my shelf, not being read (or, oftentimes, re-read). If I don’t intend on reading a book, or if I didn’t really care for it, then I don’t want to own it. (This does not work for every one of you. Heck, it doesn’t work for each person in my house. My husband hoards collects, and I have never said no to my daughter’s request for a book.)

My husband has taken me to book stores on numerous occasions hoping to buy me a new or used title for my home office shelves. Nine times out ten I walk out empty-handed. I do not take what I do not intend on reading, re-reading, lending out, or gifting. It may be the military brat in me who considers how many boxes I’ll be allotted for the next family relocation, or it may be that I find books to be treasures and I’d rather own a few diamonds than a cave full of cubic zirconia.

The books you will find on my Amazon wish list fall into one of two categories, the first being books I desperately want to own, but find coffee and a mortgage to be more of a priority. The second type is books I am interested in reading but are not in my library’s (or surrounding library systems’) catalog. If you were to buy me a book from my wish list, your name would go down in (my life’s) history as a benefactor of one of my favorite pastimes.

What books are on your dream shelf?

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