Are you new to libraries?

A new MLS grad, or someone re-entering the field, would do well with an introduction to the reality of working in public libraries. Despite the varied communities we all live in, public libraries have similarities that one should know before entering their first job.

As your coach I will teach you what wasn’t taught to you in graduate school. Together we will dissect job openings, apply for jobs, write cover letters, and interview.

Are you already in that first job? I will work with you on job performance, how to apply the skills and knowledge you acquired in school, and how to suffuse your passion (for books, children, programming, etc) into your daily work.

Want to learn a skill you never learned in graduate school?

Are you stuck and in need of a creative infusion? As your coach I will work with you to take what you already love and transform those into programs, services, or other leadership techniques to employ at your library.

Have you been turned down for promotions?

Perhaps you need fresh ideas, or you need to gain new skills. As your coach I will impart knowledge to you about my own experiences, which we will then transform into programs or services of your own. This is the perfect option for someone looking to move up the ladder but who has been shut out for various reasons.