Speaking Topics

April has spoken at the Virginia Library Association Annual Conference, Maryland/Delaware Library Association Conference, Loudoun County Staff Development Day, Fairfax County Public Library Staff Development Day, St. Mary’s County Library Staff Development Day, and Maryland Teen Connect Conference.

To talk with April regarding a speaking opportunity please contact her.

Teen Brain Development: supporting, programming, advocating

Each age group of library users requires unique services and programming. Teenagers are the most under-served of all age groups, usually due to library staff’s uncertainty in providing services to a group they know (and/or remember) little about. Learn about the brain development of teenagers and how that should influence your programming and your expectations.

After completing this session participants will be able to:
1) understand the connection between teen brain development and teen behavior. 
2) meet teen patrons where they are and plan appropriate programs and services for them.
3) manage their own expectations of teen patrons and teach those to their colleagues.

Employing Empathy to Reduce Resentment

Teenagers are often called hormonal, risky, and lazy…and that’s by their parents. Those in the community label and treat them even worse. They are sneered at, followed, and monitored by mall security, store clerks, school faculty, and library staff. Their very presence evokes fear, worry, and concern in others. Yet this doesn’t need to be the case. Teenagers are not a demographic to fear. Participants will recall and share their own memories as a means to understanding today’s youth.

After completing this session participants will be able to:
1) understand the contemporary troubles that teenagers in this country face.
2) compare their own experiences to that of today’s youth.
3) create empathy in their hearts for youth they encounter at home, work, or elsewhere in the community.