Training Topics

April is a natural teacher, always finding “teachable moments” with library customers. She abides by the “teach a man to fish” adage and infuses her daily interactions with that in mind.

Want to learn something fresh and new? Bring April to your next Staff Development Day for a training on hosting author visits, conducting effective outreach visits, and using staff and volunteers to pump up your programming calendar.

Could your entire staff benefit from a refresher course in customer service? Do you have employees on a Performance Improvement Plan due to their constant discrimination of a particular demographic (this could be age, race, or religious based discrimination)? Hire April to host a training and see the immediate difference in your staff. April will train your team on difficult topics using empathy and kindness.

To talk with April regarding a training opportunity please contact her.

Host an Author Visit

How do you hire an author to visit your library? How much do you offer to pay them? What should their schedule contain? April will teach your programming staff the benefits of holding author programs, and all the details to get them to your town.

Host a Book Festival

Do you want to go BIG? Host a book festival, con, Harry Potter party, etc. It is a lot of work, and always worth the effort. Learn who to book, how to market, and how to gain sponsorships. April will teach you how to secure authors and speakers, market your event, and be a gracious host.